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Our Mission:  Life Riders Motorcycle Ministries exists so that we may couple our passion for riding motorcycles with our desire to see Jesus Christ exalted in all that we do.  We intend to use what God has provided to us as a tool to introduce those who we come in contact with to the path of Salvation provided by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Furthermore, our goal is to use God’s Word to strengthen the members of this organization in becoming courageous followers, steadfast mentors and effective disciples of Jesus Christ.

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On June 10 2012, 13 guys witnessed a miracle on Hwy 72 in Tennessee.  A driver under the influence of drugs crossed the center line and crashed into the motorcycles of Todd Rowell and Sam Wooley.  Kelley McHenry had to lay his bike down to avoid being hit.  The scene looked like a war zone and the remaining 10 of us did what we could until help arrived.  However, all we could really do was call on Jesus to save our brothers lives.  The miracle...they ALL lived!  Todd and Kelley were beat up and bruised but remarkably no broken bones or long term injuries.  Sam however lost his left leg, but he never lost his faith in God.  And within 48 hours of the accident he told everyone that would listen he would be back on a bike in less than a year.  It has been incredible watching him use this horrific situation of God's glory.

 Almost eight months later Todd, Sam and Kelley along with 12 other men left Satsuma under sunny skies and low temperatures on an eight hour, 320 mile ride.  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!  We always pray before we pull out on to the road...we pray for safety, wisdom, and I always ask God to allow me to see his majesty as I ride through His creation.  Today it was everywhere, but the biggest examples of His Grace and Mercy were in my mirror.  The fact that eve one of these men is still with us is amazing!  But all three, that is nothing short of a miracle and proof that He heard our cries that day in June.  Not only did He spare them, He has allowed them to continue riding.  I was overwhelmed several times today with just how Faithful and Loving He is.

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